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Curricular choirs meet daily as part of the regular school schedule. They perform four concerts per year, as well as participating in select community events and festivals.

Curricular Choirs: TeamMember


Freshman Choir is a mixed chorus consisting of Freshmans that study and performs a variety of vocal music. Students learn to develop an understanding of a variety of musical styles, to improve individual singing voices and to read music at a basic level. They preform in the Fall concert, holiday concert, spring concert, and the big show.



Concert Choir is a treble choir (Soprano, Soprano II, Alto). Admittance is open to all students grades 10-12 interested in performing choral music.  This ensemble has preformed several body percussion involved pieces as well as other traditional pieces.

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Encore Choir

Encore Choir is an all men's ensemble that is relativly new to the LTHS Choral program. It is open to any guy Sophmore through Senior year. They prefrom a variety of choir pieces at the concerts. 



Bel Canto is a treble voice choir at LTHS. It is an auditions based ensemble that consists of Sophmores, Juniors and Seniors and performs a variety colegent level choral arrangments.  Students learn music theroy, sight read, and work on their vocal ablities as a choir. They also participate in several workshops and festivals.



The A Cappella Choir is a mixed curricular ensemble in the LTHS Choir program, open by audition to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students are expected to demonstrate advanced vocal ability and knowledge of music reading, work cooperatively in a rehearsal setting, and practice independently outside of class.  The A Cappella Choir performs a wide variety of advanced choral pieces, ranging from classical to modern.

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